Making Money from Your Art Illustrations

Whether you’re crafting artwork for products, publication, websites or your own personal artwork, learning how to make the most money from it is a good idea.

Selling art online can be an excellent way to supplement your income

For independent graphic designers, illustrators and hobbyist, it is not always easy to sell digital art. Digital artists who sell their illustrations often create free content online to attract a customer base. They also can create subscription websites in order to get more traffic


Showcase your talent and creativity to the world

One easy way to sell your art is through the Internet. A website is the best way to sell art and have it on display to thousands of people. Your URL helps people find you, and contact you.

The first step towards becoming a professional illustrator and earning your living from it is dedicated practice. Draw on what you know and love, learn the basics of good composition, study the human form, and the basics of shading/colors.

Invest in yourself it is an important part of success. Dedicate time everyday to practice your craft. If you don’t continue to push yourself to improve your craft, you’ll never become successful.

You could make money from your designs

Making money from your designs is a challenge, but it can be done. You need to identify product ideas that people are going to want to buy and then find ways to make those products profitable.

Start with something small, like a t-shirt design that costs $10 and makes $30. If you produce 20 of these, you’ll have made $30 from the $10 cost. By making a lot of small profits, you’ll develop the confidence to take larger risks.

It can be incredibly rewarding. You’re taking control of your income, giving yourself a sense of purpose and making money alongside what you love. You can use your skills to make money for others.

The key is to look for ways to monetize your expertise

There are many ways you can make money with your designs–from affiliate marketing to selling custom products. It all starts with understanding your audience and finding ways they can benefit.

Who do you identify with, and what are your goals?

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