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Wagon Stand Kit for Tiered Tray Signs

Happy Painting: How to Paint Your Wagon Wood Stand Kit for Tiered Tray Signs

Wagon Stand Kit for Tiered Tray Signs

If you've purchased a wagon wood stand kit for your tiered tray signs, one thing that can make it stand out even more is a coat of paint. It's simple!

Painting your wagon wood stand kit allows you to choose any color that complements your décor and adds a personal touch to your display. You can transform your plain wooden stand into a masterpiece that will impress everyone who sees it!

When choosing a paint color, consider the theme and style of your tiered tray signs as well as the room they will be displayed in. A neutral color like white or gray is versatile and can match any style, while a bold or bright color can add a pop of fun to your display.

Before applying paint, make sure to clean your wood stand kit to remove any dust or debris. Then, apply the paint evenly with a brush or roller and allow it to dry completely before handling or displaying.

Remember that you may need multiple coats of paint depending on the opacity of the color and quality of the paint you choose. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying another layer.


Overall, painting your wagon wood stand kit is an easy way to customize your tiered tray signs and make them truly unique. Happy painting!



- Wagon wood stand kit

- Acrylic paint in your desired color(s)

- Foam brush or small paintbrush

- Paper towels and baby wipes to wipe off excess paint

 Assembling the Wagon Stand Kit Handle


1. Assemble your wagon wood stand according to the instructions provided.

2. Choose your desired color or colors of acrylic paint and shake well before opening.

3. Apply a thin layer of paint using a foam brush or small paintbrush, making sure to cover all surfaces evenly.

4. Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely before applying a second coat (if desired).

5. Repeat the previous step until you achieve the desired level of coverage.

6. Once you're satisfied with the coverage, use paper towels or baby wipe to carefully wipe off any excess paint that may have pooled or dried on unevenly.

7. Allow your wagon wood stand to dry completely before using with your tiered tray signs.


That's all there is to it! With just a few simple steps and some high-quality acrylic paint, you can give your wagon wood stand kit a whole new look that will really make your tiered tray display pop. Happy painting!