Cute Panda

My Cute Panda and Bamboo Clipart
Cute Panda and Bamboo

I enjoyed researching about the Panda bear, something I normally do beforehand, then I illustrate my clipart for a sale item on my website. The process was a lot of fun of adding the texture on the bamboo trees. I love the choice made to add “I am Cute” to the front of the Panda drawing. It brought a chuckle and smile to my face as a finished piece.

Here is what I found out about Pandas:

There are an estimated 1,864 giant pandas left in the world living in the wild and another 300 in captivity. Despite their dwindling numbers, they remain one of the most beloved animals on the planet. Here are some interesting facts about these adorable creatures:

-Giant pandas are black and white and can weigh up to 220 pounds. They are one of the most endangered animals in the world. Scientists are working to save the species by breeding them in captivity and helping them learn how to survive in the wild again.

-Pandas have a strong appetite for bamboo and can eat up to 25 pounds of it each day. They digest only 17 percent of what they eat, so they must consume a lot to get the nutrients they need. They are solitary animals and only interact with others when they are mating.

-They have black and white fur which helps them camouflage in the forest. Pandas are about 4 feet long and are very clumsy looking creatures, but that just adds to their charm. Giant pandas have been known to climb trees.

While reading stats on the Panda bear, I found something else that I could do with my designs.

  • A cheat sheet of the top 10 interesting facts about pandas
  • A Panda coloring book
  • An illustration of a panda with a quote about happiness
  • A printable poster of a panda family
  • A list of the best places to see pandas in the wild

What ideas might you come up with?

Clipart vs Illustrations: What Is the Difference?

Be Happy. Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe. Spread the Joy.

Clipart is a type of bitmap image that is often used in digital designs. Clipart is usually created by tracing a photograph or other image using a software program. Illustrations are high-resolution images that are often used in print designs. Illustrations are typically created by drawing the image by hand.

Clipart is typically cheaper and faster to produce

When creating visuals for your next project, you may be wondering whether to use clipart or illustrations. Clipart is typically cheaper and faster to produce, whereas illustrations can look more polished and professional. Clipart and illustrations are both art forms, but they are used for different purposes.

Things to consider

  1. What is the purpose of the visual?
  2. What style will best represent the tone of the project?
  3. How much money do you have to spend?
  4. Is there a time limit?
  5. Will the visual be colored or monochrome?
  6. How much detail do you need?
  7. Is there a specific size or resolution requested?

In a world of computers, smart phones and digital everything, many people are unaware of the different between clipart and illustrations. Clipart is generally created on a computer using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Clipart is a bitmap image which means that it is made up of small squares called pixels.

Illustrations are generally created by hand using traditional mediums such as ink, watercolor or acrylic paint. In my case it would be created digitally in a traditional painting style. My preference using my iPad with my iPad Pencil.

Can the project be done in a different style or format?

When creating a project, such as a presentation, advertisement, or even a simple flyer, you may be wondering if clipart is the best way to go, or if illustrations would be a better option. This can be a difficult decision to make, as both have their own benefits and drawbacks.

In a traditional approach, the artist would create their project in a painting style and then transfer it to the computer for production. This way of working is time consuming, as well as requiring more skill and experience. Why I work from my iPad in a traditional painting style with lots of texture.

I always vectorize my images for the best quality. I use a few apps to do that. This method is far easier than the traditional painting method, as it eliminates all of the steps of uploading to my computer and “cleaning it up”, and allows for a lot more time to be spent on creating new designs for my customers.

So, what’s the best option for you?

It’s So Good to Be Home

In our hectic daily lives, we often don’t have enough time for the important things in life: the people we love and care about.

Home is more than a place, it’s a feeling that you can’t replace. Things just feel better at home. Once you have been away from home for a while, there is nothing like walking through the door and getting one of those warm and fuzzy feelings.

The smell of freshly baked cookies in the oven, the sound of your puppy running through the house to greet you. Even if you hate baking cookies or don’t have a dog, it’s still so good to be home. It’s where you can feel safe and protected.

It’s a place to which you have a deep, emotional connection. If you live alone, it’s a sanctuary where you can be yourself without worrying about what other people might think. If you live with others, it’s the place where you can feel most comfortable and accepted for who you are.

Home protects us from the many outside forces that threaten to rob us of our happiness. It protects us from the confusion of modern life, from crowded cities to fast-paced schedules. When we feel comfortable, we can focus on other things.

It’s comforting to know that no matter what happens during the day, there will be a place waiting for us where we can relax and unwind. It should be that safe haven that allows us to face the challenges of the world head on, knowing that we’ve got somewhere to fall back on when things get too tough.

“It’s so good to be home” is a wonderful sentiment that brings a smile to everyone’s face, both owner and guests alike.

It's So Good to Be Home signBuild a custom sign with unique details that reflect who you are. Or bring your ideas to life in a home welcome door mat you love — one you can truly call your own. Welcome your family home with this adorable welcome mat that’s sure to keep footprints at bay.

it's so good to be home


A handmade sign is a perfect way to welcome family and friends into your home. With a warm, rustic finish, include a sawtooth hanger for easy mounting. Or opt in for a wall sign and a cute pillow instead.

Nothing’s better than walking into your own home. The lights are on, the familiar scents are in the air, and everything feels exactly right, more than four walls and a roof. There’s a place on this earth that’s full of joy and laughter.

Why don’t you come in and stay for a spell?

Coloring is a Fun Way to Relax and Focus Your Mind

Many people find coloring comforting, which is why they call it “anti-stress coloring.” Adult coloring activity is used by many people to boost their well-being, and allows you to focus on a simple, non-threatening activity in order to avoid anxiety and stress. It’s a way to get away from the world and focus on the details of a drawing.

Coloring Can Help You Find Calm and Peace in a Busy World

It is is a good way to relax if you’re feeling tense. It can help you relax after a long day at work. An alternative to relaxation, meditation, and exercise that can induce a meditative state. This generates mindfulness and quietness, which allows your mind to get some rest after a long day.

Find relief from stress by focusing your mind on one object the colors—and nothing else.

Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Does coloring help with anxiety? There seems to be some evidence that coloring can help you cope with illnesses like depression. Research is still on-going, but several small studies have shown that coloring can reduce stress as well as anxiety and depression.

Coloring helps children develop a sense of creativity and imagination. It is an important tool for teaching children to focus on a single task. It can help preschoolers develop important cognitive skills.

It is a great activity to get kids interested in things they might not otherwise pick up, like outdoor toys or crafts. When you give children the freedom to explore colors and forms rather than limiting them to certain topics or objects, you are helping them grow as individuals and strengthening their underlying knowledge. Did you know that coloring is a way to improve your handwriting skills?

Further research is needed to find out which kind of coloring improves handwriting, but it has been shown to help children as well as adults improve their motor skills, and because of this coloring is often used as one of the steps in the occupational therapy process. It requires a lot of small muscle movement.

By Coloring You Can Relax and Forget About Your Worries

Coloring is good because it helps you make something, and being creative can often make you feel better. There is a lot of research on the effects of color on mood and there are many ways that color can impact your mood. These include the effect of colors as a symbol, the affect of colors as a stimulus, and the psychological response to color.

Research has shown that people subconsciously react differently to different colors, and that those reactions affect how they interact with the environment. People tend to react to color differently. Certain colors can make us feel comfort or excitement. Color choices can be a way of communicating a mood or idea.

The way colors affect people is a complex and fascinating subject. The feeling we associate with a color is developed through exposure to it, and over time people’s reactions to color can change. Colors have psychological effects. They can make us feel happy or sad, and hungry or relaxed.

Why Adults Enjoy Coloring Books

A simple coloring book can be relaxing in the same way that reading a good book can be. Adult coloring books provide an escape from everyday life. They are especially good if they have intricate designs and challenges the attention span. It is a fun challenge and something anyone can lose themselves in.

Coloring is a very beneficial activity for people of all ages. It is an amazing way to unwind after a long day, or to become more focused on the task at hand during a long day. It is therapeutic and can help to calm you.coloring mandalas and framesYou don’t have to be precise. No matter how you color, your masterpiece will be unique and wonderful.

Business Plan for Creative Entrepreneurs

What is a Business Plan

Before you start your creative company, you must have a plan. A business plan is a road map for your creative business. It will help you clarify your goals, while taking the guesswork out of decision-making.

It should be written in a simple language so that anyone can understand it. Whether you are an independent artist or a small creative business, building a business plan will help you navigate the early years that can be challenging for beginning entrepreneurs.

It is a tool to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals. Depending on what you want out of your business or creative work, you can write a formal business plan, or just use it as a guide to get clear about what you want to create, why you want to create it, and how much it will take from multiple angles—marketing costs, money coming in—to bring through that dream into reality.

Create Your Business Plan

Before you start your creative company, you must have a plan. A business plan helps keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. Include financial forecasts, job descriptions, responsibilities, and more. Review this document often and refer to it throughout the year.

A business plan provides the details of what you’re going to do and how you’re going to handle it. Plans, sub-plans, and supportive documents, such as financial spreadsheets and investor letters, are essential to making your vision a reality. Taking on the challenge of a business plan will help you see things more clearly and give you valuable insights to make good and smart business decisions.

Build Up Your Business Plan by Taking Small Steps and Checking Each Step as You Go

Write down everything you have to do, when you have to do it, and why you have to do it, you’ll be able to remind yourself of what’s on your mind. When you have a plan, it will help you keep focused on your most important priorities. Then, work to make sure that actually happens, and the business develops as intended.

It All Begins with the Why

You need a clear sense of mission for your business. When you have a clear sense of why you started a business in the first place, it’s easier to identify new opportunities and challenges. A mission statement is something you write down before you start doing anything.

goals are dreams with deadlines

It tells you what your end goal is, what motivates you, and what skills and methods you’ll be using to get there. It’s important to have a clear picture of where you’re going, and which outcomes motivate you. This is especially true if you’re taking on a new challenge or project because you need to know whether overcoming obstacles is a priority or not. Creating this sort of clarity in your mind will help keep your motivation high when the going gets rough.

It should be constructed before you start an action plan so that you know the steps that must be taken in order to achieve that specific goal. The overall purpose of your mission statement is to identify also what the secondary purposes are, and what responsibilities you bear toward accomplishing those purposes. If all you do is make the company bigger and more expensive, then the organization isn’t really creating missions.

The First Step Is to Have a Goal: Define What You Want

As a first step toward accomplishing your goal, it’s important to know exactly what that goal is. There are a lot of ways to define goals. The most effective way is setting the SMART goals and looking for the tactics that will help you achieve them.

goals plan focus

In order to achieve your goal, you need to have a plan of action. New goals should support the overall mission of the business. When you know what you’re aiming for, it’s easier to figure out how to get there.

You’re far more likely to achieve your goals, or even come up with them in the first place, if you have a clear idea of what you want. Define a goal that you can achieve. If you don’t set goals, you’re not likely to get anywhere.

You should be careful to set goals that are realistic. If your goal is unrealistic, you will have difficulty achieving it. Set goals based on the “why” you have. Make sure your goals are specific, challenging, and manageable within a reasonable timeframe.

Build a Team That is Capable and Up to the Task

A team is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. A project is only as good as the people behind it, so it’s important to make sure you have the right team in place. Identify the people who will be involved in implementing the idea.

It’s important to identify the team members roles and responsibilities. The team you choose will define the goals you can achieve. Identify what each member of your team does, and what results you are expecting.

If you’re not sure who to include on your team, it’s important to identify the strengths of everyone involved. It’s important to have a clear plan for how your team is going to work together. Identify your team. Define who is going to be doing what.

Who’s Your Audience and What Are Their Needs

Make sure that you’re addressing your audiences’ concerns, desires, and preferences. Defining the audience for your product or service is one of the most important ways you can boost sales and engagement. The better you understand your target audience, the easier it will be to tell them what they want to hear. Try to define your audience first before you start. This will help you create what appeals to the right people.

Sometimes we forget to consider the needs and wishes of our audience. If you want to create for your audience then it’s important to ask who they are and what they do. You’ll have a clearer idea of who you’re addressing when you investigate the benefits that will appeal to your target audience. Address your audience, or else you’re not providing any value. Specifically, who is going to get the most value out of your content?

How Does Money Help Achieve Your Objectives


The money part of your business plan is like the action plan for your overall goals. It spells out the details of how you will go about achieving them. The less you worry about when you can pay for the things you want, the more likely it is that you’ll get them.

It’s hard to know where to start, how to divide your time between different tasks, and how much funding you need. When it comes to money, there’s a right way and a wrong way. Do it the wrong way, and you can lose your freedom and jeopardize your family’s future.

When it Comes to Marketing, Timing and Consistency are Crucial

Are you ready to start marketing your product? Marketing is all about getting your message in front of your audience. The most important aspect of creating a marketing campaign is defining your specific marketing goals and determining when you’d like to achieve them.

Before you begin any marketing campaign, do a little research, and define the scope of your campaign. When you’re marketing something, make sure you carefully define your target audience and their environment. A good marketing strategy should take into account both the how and the where.

You should use your marketing plan to figure out exactly where and when you will advertise. The marketing plan helps you define the where and when your potential clients will be. Do you know where your marketing materials will be viewed? Do you consider the time of day and month in which they will be viewed?

Marketing must be done when and where your target audience is.

The Hardest Part of a Problem is the First Step

There are a lot of reasons to quit your job and become an entrepreneur, but you should know that it won’t be easy. If you’re not willing to face the hard part, then it’s best not to start. It isn’t the work itself, it’s the constant pressure to produce.

Make that transition from just dreaming to actually doing it.