It’s So Good to Be Home

In our hectic daily lives, we often don’t have enough time for the important things in life: the people we love and care about.

Home is more than a place, it’s a feeling that you can’t replace. Things just feel better at home. Once you have been away from home for a while, there is nothing like walking through the door and getting one of those warm and fuzzy feelings.

The smell of freshly baked cookies in the oven, the sound of your puppy running through the house to greet you. Even if you hate baking cookies or don’t have a dog, it’s still so good to be home. It’s where you can feel safe and protected.

It’s a place to which you have a deep, emotional connection. If you live alone, it’s a sanctuary where you can be yourself without worrying about what other people might think. If you live with others, it’s the place where you can feel most comfortable and accepted for who you are.

Home protects us from the many outside forces that threaten to rob us of our happiness. It protects us from the confusion of modern life, from crowded cities to fast-paced schedules. When we feel comfortable, we can focus on other things.

It’s comforting to know that no matter what happens during the day, there will be a place waiting for us where we can relax and unwind. It should be that safe haven that allows us to face the challenges of the world head on, knowing that we’ve got somewhere to fall back on when things get too tough.

“It’s so good to be home” is a wonderful sentiment that brings a smile to everyone’s face, both owner and guests alike.

It's So Good to Be Home signBuild a custom sign with unique details that reflect who you are. Or bring your ideas to life in a home welcome door mat you love — one you can truly call your own. Welcome your family home with this adorable welcome mat that’s sure to keep footprints at bay.

it's so good to be home


A handmade sign is a perfect way to welcome family and friends into your home. With a warm, rustic finish, include a sawtooth hanger for easy mounting. Or opt in for a wall sign and a cute pillow instead.

Nothing’s better than walking into your own home. The lights are on, the familiar scents are in the air, and everything feels exactly right, more than four walls and a roof. There’s a place on this earth that’s full of joy and laughter.

Why don’t you come in and stay for a spell?

DIY – Decorating Your Front Porch

I could picture it in my mind: a porch swing, a candlelit lantern, a small table with a pitcher of lemonade and a stack of books. How hard could it be?

Color Moi Mandalas

Decorating your front porch or entryway is an opportunity to make a statement about your personality, your tastes, your interests and who you are. Every home has an entrance, but the front porch is where you’ll likely spend the most time. It’s also your first impression with your neighbors!

DIY – Decorating Your Front Porch

The front of your house needs to be inviting, attractive and welcoming. It is a place where guests are expected to stop by. You want people to feel welcome there, which means taking some time to decorate it properly.

Here are some ways you can decorate your front porch for minimum cost:

  • DIY a front porch sign. Create your own or purchase ready made svg templates that you can cut on your favorite cutting machine. Paint or cut outdoor resistant adhesive vinyl. I use old fence board for a rustic look. Easy Peasy!
  • Add a bench or two

These can be found at any hardware store for relatively cheap. They provide seating for people, so they’re perfect if you have a few guests stopping by.

  • Add some flowers

This is the easiest way to decorate your porch because you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on custom-made flower beds. Most local nurseries have some type of flower bed that you can pick up for dirt cheap or even free! Decorate with plants or hanging baskets. You can either hang baskets or plant flowers in pots with rocks or pebbles around them; both options will make your porch look more appealing and homey!

  • Add a bird feeder (or several)

Bird feeders are great for attracting birds, but they’re also great for adding some color and beauty to your porch! Additionally, most bird feeders come with suet holders attached, which makes them convenient for extra food storage as well.

When you’re decorating your front porch or entryway, it’s important to remember the details.

If you want to go out on a limb (literally), try planting an herb garden around the front of the house with multiple pots filled with herbs like mint, basil, oregano and cilantro facing your porch so guests can see them when they walk up the driveway!

Adorn your porch railing with plants! Most plants will grow well around railings without much care, so you can easily transform them into interesting accents. Add a few personal touches that will make your home stand out from those of your neighbors, and a great first impression of your home.

Decorate your porch to make it look welcoming and inviting. Paint the interior of the entryway a warm color to give a more inviting feel to your home. This is an easy way to create a dramatic entrance

You don’t need to spend a fortune on home decor, but you do need to choose strategically.

1. Decorate with light and air. I highly recommend using natural, neutral colors and textures — nothing bright or busy — to create a welcoming atmosphere. Light colors and natural fibers like silk and linen perform beautifully even in moderate temperatures and will not fade over time.

2. Keep it simple: Don’t clutter the area with too much stuff; it can be difficult to find what you want when you want it!

3. Use clean lines; avoid frilly details. These will take up valuable space that could be used for other purposes such as inviting seating, art and decorative elements.

4. Avoid big groups of furniture like couches or chairs; they can make a space feel cluttered and less inviting. Remember: less is more!

5. The main purpose of the entrance is to allow people to enter and exit quickly and easily; make your entrance as efficient as possible!

There are some key things to keep in mind.

  • When I was thinking about ways to decorate my front porch and entryway, I asked myself, “What do I want from my front entrance?”
  • The best way to get an idea of how a front porch or entryway will look is to find pictures on the Internet of porches and entryways.
  • Decorate your porch to make it look welcoming and inviting.
  • Paint the interior of the entryway a warm color to give a more inviting feel to your home. This is an easy way to create a dramatic entrances.
  • You can hang a wreath on the door, add a couple of pots with flowers, and add a small table and chairs for your guests.
Hang a wreath on the door

The key to decorating your front porch is to make it stand out in a big way in a theme that fits in with your home’s natural setting!

Fashion Scrapbook Clipart Stickers

We all love fashion, right? You know what’s awesome? Making stuff… it’s really exciting. and hopefully inspire you to get started!

Scrapbooking isn’t just about pictures.

If you’re going to design your own scrapbook these printables will make sure that every page of your book has plenty of room for everything.

Fashion scrapbook clipart are the perfect way to share your favorite fashion finds. Whether you are looking for a fun and nostalgic scrapbook or you need something professional and sturdy, to create an eye-catching presentation. Use them to create a beautiful album cover or simply personalize an existing one!

Fashion Scrapbooking Clipart Stickers

Scrapbooks capture memories and personalities

There are two ways to approach a project like this: you can either try to follow every fashion trend and assume you know what is going to go with anything, or you can push your creativity and rational thinking. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what trends will be around in five years.

Out of all the things that someone could do with their time and money, what would be the most interesting? Fashion scrapbooking is one way to create your own unique fashion collection, but how do you know how to go about making a fashion scrapbook?

Scrapbooks are full of everything from art to photos to memorabilia

You don’t have to worry about your photos being cramped or unaligned, because these printables give you space for all of your scrapbook pages. Whether you’re making a photo album or a scrapbook, these printables will help you keep everything neat and organized.

Scrapbooks are designed to capture the things you cherish and want to remember. A scrapbook is the ultimate visual manifestation of an idea, a feeling, or an emotion. It’s like a time capsule made out of paper. I see them as “moments in my life” — meaningful experiences I want to capture and preserve for future use.

Stories have the power to capture memories and personalities in a way that words cannot. With our fashion scrapbook clipart, you can turn your photos into personal treasures that are sure to be beloved for years to come!

They are created to capture the people, places, and events in your life that you value. For many people, they are a record to pass on to future generations. These books are cherished family heirlooms that become beloved mementos of our most precious memories.

They’re a great way to express yourself and tell your life’s story. A collection of memories, ideas, and things we want to preserve. They’re alive with color and feeling. They make great home decorating accessories, and anyone can use them to show off their creativity!

Scrapbooks are simply amazing. They allow us to preserve moments that otherwise would have been lost. It captures your memories. It is filled with photos, stories, and treasures. It’s a special time capsule that exists solely for you!

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby that almost anyone can enjoy. Whether you’re new to the craft or an old pro. I started scrapbooking because I wanted to remember the little moments. But then, it turned into a way to challenge myself artistically to push my creative thinking further.

Find your style. Express your personality. Transform yourself.

Which Small Business is Best for You?

Choosing the right digital or physical product is essential for your success on ecommerce platforms.

These platforms are digital-first, and that means the consumer has something in common with the merchant and the product being sold—in this case, a searchable database of products. Physical stores are still necessary for a profitable business, but the digital world is changing how we shop. Consumers are mobile and find answers to questions before they even ask their friends.

One of the first things you should think about is how much you’re willing to spend on traffic and marketing.

There are many benefits of ecommerce online. You can start selling things online from very little capital investment. You can make money almost immediately from your online store if you choose to do so.

However, there are significant costs associated with ecommerce. These costs are not often talked about and should not be taken lightly. Some of the most common costs include: site design and development, inventory management, inventory fulfillment, bandwidth, electrical equipment, software support, computer equipment

If you make your living primarily off online marketing, then it would make sense to focus on improving your online presence. Physical products, on the other hand, have a unique value that shouldn’t be ignored no matter what your online goals are. If you make custom shirts that are printed on demand, there’s no reason you should limit your exposure (and profit!) to only online channels.

Why is digital commerce so powerful?

Your website is accessible on any computer or mobile device in the world. Powerful search engines like Google are able to show your site in front of potential consumers, even if they do not type in a specific keyword that relates to your products or services.

Because there’s an online store for everything, consumers don’t have to leave their comfort zones when they need to purchase something. No matter the day or time, they can simply buy from a business that is always open.

The digital economy is reshaping how people buy things. Buyers can access the web to find products and pricing information anywhere at any time ─ even when they are on the go. This gives e-commerce a huge leg up on retailers, who must open their doors every day at fixed business hours.

The internet has changed how we interact commercially. Businesses that have their own online presence can tap into consumer markets like never before. Imagine being able to offer your products and services without even leaving home. That’s what e-commerce is all about.

Your 24-hour online store may be easier than your physical location, but in many ways it’s more powerful too. It provides a wider variety of products–exactly the items that buyers want. It provides an infinite amount of information for consumers who are searching for these products. And when buyers find what they’re looking for, they can purchase it and receive it within hours.

Think about your online space as a shop on the corner that’s open 24/7. Unlike brick and mortar shops, you don’t have to be worried about business hours. This is a big advantage for your e-commerce store as it puts your products in front of consumers whenever they are ready to shop. The digital world doesn’t recognize holidays or times when you might not be in the office.